German based in Rio de Janeiro,
music addict and geographer,
providing music I like
from here and there,
now and then,
acoustic and electronic.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. congratulations! very well done blogg – looking forward to find good soundgoods here ;-) keep on swinging! abr

  2. Hey Wulfi… auch ich bin ab heute aktiver Besucher des Blogs. Ich freue mich, hier einen heißen Draht zu allerlei Musikschmankerl zu bekommen. Sounds good to me anyway!
    For the Future: Ein RSS-Feed wären echt cool!

  3. thought you might like my new mix- http://www.duttyartz.com/2009/no-waiting/

    couldnt find an email for you…

  4. hola! get in touch with me at generationbass@gmail.com? would be great to hook up and maybe have you in holland for a show?

  5. hey wulfi, wenigstens kommt über dich sonne durch die boxen. hier pisst es seit tagen. danke für die sounds:-)
    greets ramon

  6. Hi, I was just wondering if you know the song in this youtube video called MORENA QUEBRANDO TUDO NO FUNK? sorry the video is a bit inappropriate but i have been searching for this song everywhere. Sometimes it is hard to have a funk obsession and search for songs.

  7. Love your blog! Thanks for the digging into funk carioca, cumbia villera and other news great styles.

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