Cheny Wa Gune Quarteto – Jindji Jindji

Using traditional Mozambican and modern instruments (bass, saxophone, drums, percussion) the Cheny Wa Gune Quarteto creates a powerful and energetic style which explores traditional and modern melodies and rhythms.

Cheny Wa Gune mainly plays Timbila (or M’bila) which is a cultural feature of the Vachopi people that originates from the Gaza and Inhambane regions and is strongly present in Zavala, where he comes from. Similar to the Marimba, it is a wooden key instrument of dialogue and unification, the Timbila represents the political and social establishment of Vachopi identity and cultural values among other cultures from the region. When performed as an Orchestra, the Timbila represents a collective manifestation of dance, chant, poetry and music.


Watch him playing here another traditional instrument from Mozambique, the M’bira:

And this is more traditional:


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