“Founded in 2009, the band Afroelectro creates its sonic identity revisiting the African continent through contact with artists and their contemporary sound production, the direct experience of some members of the band with musicians from there and the experience of living in a large metropolis like São Paul, who has been the major catalyst of Brazilian and world culture. It is where the Brazilian styles like Côco and Embolada get in dialogue with Hip-Hop, where Rock meets Camdomblé, where tradition meets the new.
Brazilian culture is found with great force in the music of Afroelectro, especially in the verses and sung parts. Chants from popular cultures from different regions of the country such as the singing of the Tambor de Crioula de Taboca do Maranhão, Seahorse verses that originate in Nazaré da Mata (Pernambuco), Capoeira and Candomblé chants are evident in the songs of the group.
In 2012 Afroelectro released his first album, the result of a year’s work between hours of studio and live performances, thus creating an album differentiated in rhythmic and sound experiments but at the same time accessible and danceable.”

Get their CD for free from their website.


~ by SoundGoods on September 12, 2012.

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  1. […] tracks that have been recorded live in the studio. This EP is registering the work between the first and the second album showing the new tracks in its purest and most organic […]

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