MC Ralph – Os Afro-Raps

Translation of the accompanying text:

Inspired by the Afro-Sambas of Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell this disc is to rescue the roots of a folk. Letters that address african-Brazilian spirituality, music full of samples and percussive elements. A mixture of scratches and drums, rhythm and poetry, saints and orixás. Asking for God’s blessing, and with the permission of the ancestors, I present with much respect and love: “The Afro-Raps.”


The project “The Afro-rap” is more than a rap album. It is a rescue from the roots of Brazilian music itself.
Rap music (rhythm and poetry) came up with this name in the suburbs of the United States. But far from being an Americanized culture, it finds its roots in the spoken canto of Jamaican reggae; and looking more deeply, we got to the oral tradition of “storytelling” of “griots” in Africa.
We can feel the strong presence of Africa in our rap, despite the constant evolution that comes with the passage of time. In tone and theme of the lyrics, “The Afro-raps” also have a strong connection to samba and the “terreiro” (place for ceremonial gatherings of Afro-Brazilian religions). Thus, there is also a strong “Brazilianness” on this project. Beyond all question musical, “The Afro-raps” also have the mission to break prejudices that in the XXI century, still surround African-Brazilian spirituality. Each song of this project is related to a force of nature, an Orixá. “Dona Janaína” is connected to the sea (Iemanjá), “Quem foi?” is inspired by the strength of thunder (Xangô), “Okê Arô” is related to the woods (Oxóssi); and so continue the other tracks on the record. In the midst of urban poetry and its protest, we find a new way to praise the saints and martyrs showing that youth is still connected with the religious and cultural roots of our ancestors.
The album has a finely tuned team of producers and musicians, as well as the participation of the rapper Emicida, Kene Konaman (lead singer of The Troop), and Mr. Jordan.


Rapper, journalist, musical researcher, and composer. Audio operator at Radio 107.7 FM, the only educational radio Paraíba Valley. MC’s since 1999 and has released three albums (“Gírias nacionais”, “No fundo do baú”, e “Dá-me licença”).
He is known for his art of Freestyle and is champion of the MC Battle at Hutuz Award (highest rap award in the country). With this he is more frequently present in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Supporter of the Hip Hop in the Paraíba Valley-SP for more than ten years, seeks to preserve this culture, breaking down prejudices and showing innovative work.


And get an acapella here.

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