Dale Tumbao Mixtape

Mixtape of Mexican Reggaeton. Actually I am not sure if it is all Mexican, but at least I got the stuff there and as there is not much info on artists in the tags, it’s difficult to check.


01. Somo De La Calle
02. DJ Rasec – La Cumbia Drums
03. Pam Pa’ Las Mujeres
04. DJ Kachorro & DJ Chango – Tumbao Oriental
05. DJ Pablito – Muevete Suave (Original Reggaeton Mix)
06. Urbek DJ – Bien Tumbao (Remix)
07. Que No Pare El Bailoteo
08. Dale Movimiento
09. Vamos Rumbiar
10. Quiero Saber Donde Están
11. Muevete Con El Cu
12. Mega y Kenai – Me La Voy A Comer
13. Quiere Mi Cosita

And for all the football freaks I highly recommend my buddy DJ 440’s World Cup Mixtape full of Brazilian goodies.


~ by SoundGoods on June 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dale Tumbao Mixtape”

  1. Quiere mi cosita is played by…?

  2. yes

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