Funk Carioca 2009 Mixtape

Actually not much happened in the Funk Carioca scene in 2009, already mentioned here for example. Most of the tracks use the aquecimento beat, vocals are just reduced frases and shouts and the lyrics are mostly putaria.
But fortunately there have been some interesting tracks as well for different reasons, but especially some that are mixed with or refer to other music styles. Check the brief information that comes with the tracks.


1. Grupo Revelação vs. Vai Novinha (Montagem)
A remix using parts of a song of the pagode supergroup Revelação.

2. Os Caçadores – Descendo e Mexendo Ombrinho

3. Andrezinho Shock – Passinho do Kuduro
The lyrics refer to the new fashion Kuduro in Brazil. But as far as I know no real musical interchange in terms of mixing the styles of Kuduro and Funk Carioca happened so far. Check this post here for a discussion on what is a passinho.

4. Bonde Do Super Homem (Montagem)
Making montagens (remixes/mashups) with the soundtrak of blockbuster movies is almost a tradition in Funk Carioca, like Indiana Jones or Star Wars.

5. Dennis DJ & MC Maiquinho – Prende Na Rave
A try of a Funk Carioca techno rave track… MC Maiquinho has been the shooting star in 2009.

6. MC Buiú – Balança mas não para
Uses drum samples of the famous Samba-Reggae band Olodum. The track has been recently treated by João Brasil in his crazy project of 365 mashups in 2010. The track is a little bit older…

7. Salgueiro Campeão 2009 (Montagem)
A montagem of the most popular Funk track of 2009 (Salgueiro é o caldeirão) with the song of the winning samba school of the carnival 2009 .

8. Movimento Funk – Movimento Pela Paz
Various MCs teamed up for a track asking for less violence in police operations in favelas. This track is from 2008 as far as I know.

9. Cidinho – Dinheiro é foda
One of my favourite MCs rapping about the good and bad sides of money. Funk Consciente (“Conscious Funk”, with socially critical lyrics) is unfortunately totally out of fashion, this is one of the few tracks of this kind of 2009.

10. Taty & As Gulosas – Não solta não


But most probably the craziest Funk Carioca track of 2009 features Brazil’s president Lula. After he used the Brazilian word for sh** in an official speech that frase was immediately used for a remix.

Check this blog here for more Funk Carioca:

Thanks to Robin from Filet Mignon for the grafics. The foto (© by SoundGoods) is taken in the favela Perreirão where years ago kids started to construct favelas with bricks as a playground. The thing became famous with the kids travelling to Europe to present their work and a NGO was founded as a social and cultural movement.

~ by SoundGoods on February 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “Funk Carioca 2009 Mixtape”

  1. Once again gRRReat selecta

  2. Yeah nice selections

  3. amazing. especially the carnival tune. pure fire.

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  5. show, wolf! dá p esquentar este chão (con)gelado aqui..

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